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giancarlo gardin architecture e garden photography
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The Publishing house: Archideos Picture Books
In 1999 Giancarlo Gardin starts the publishing company in Milan. The publications are, since the start, very appreciated from both the critique and the public. The main features that drive the success of the Archideos books are their attention to graphical details and the high quality of the printing. The publishing company gave birth to two collections: "Architecture of places" and "Architects today". Amongst the architects, the Archideos picture books are considered the most beautiful table-books that are currently being produced. Even the world-famous stylist Giorgio Armani chose to sell them in the bookstores of his concept-stores across the world.
"Homes in Sardinia" is the first book published in the collection "Architecture of places". The book sold over 20,000 copies, translated in French and in German languages. It collects the reportages created by Giancarlo on the most exclusive Villas in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. The book is co-signed by Giuliana Bianchi, journalist and Director of famous magazines such as Elle Décor.
"Homes in Engadin" published together with the German version Häuser im Engadin, with the text written by the Conservator of the Heritage of the Swiss Confederation, Diego Giovanoli. These two editions, sold over 10,000 copies. They are considered the best historical documentation of architecture in the renowned Swiss Region of St. Moritz / Engadin.
"Exclusive Villas & Resort". This book is in the collection "Architects today", dedicated to the architect Gianni Gamondi. It was printed in a bi-lingual version Italian-English and it describes forty Villas in Italy, France, Ireland and in the Caribbean islands of Antigua, Barbuda and Bermuda: probably the best example of “Architecture for loisir” in the beach renowned places.
"Mountainside Villas", in the collection "Architects today" presents the works by Renato Maurizio. It was published in a bi-lingual edition Italian-German. The texts are written by the art, architecture and cinema expert Riccardo Bianchi, also writer for the Italian magazine Architectural Digest. A second version of two books, expanded to 272 pages, is available in a special edition for collectors.
"Caribbean Architecture". The book describes the works of the Architect Gianfranco Fini, theater and movie designer and Architect creator in the Casa de campo Resort, Dominican Republic. The book is published in two editions: Italian-English and Spanish-English. The book is part of the collection Architects today and is co-signed by Massimo Rosati, Editor of La Mia Casa magazine.
"Designing Gardens: 50 years of landscape architectures". The book tells the story of the garden's designer Nena Balsari and her daughter Chiara, in half-century of collaborations with some ‘900 Italian architects such as Giò Ponti, Ignazio Gardella, Marco Zanuso, Gae Aulenti, Vico Magistretti and Caccia Dominioni. The text was written by M. Matteini and M. Biagi. Editor Nani Prina.
"Lakeside Villas, Gardens, Hotels, Restaurants by the Architect Mauro Bissattini". Published in the collection "Architects today", with a preface by the Italian Touring Club. Wrote by Massimo Rosati, editor of La Mia Casa magazine. The comments are written by some experts: Isabella Brega, Flaminia Palminteri, Walter Zocchi, Cristoforo Bono and the poet Gianfranco Lazzari.
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